What is Nature Farming and its Method?


20:00 - 22:00


Eetbaar Park (Zuiderpark)
Achter benzinestation Vreeswijkstraat, Den Haag

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Nature Farming (自然農法/自然農) is an ecological farming approach established by Masanobu Fukuoka, a Japanese farmer and philosopher.

Nature farming was developed further in 1970’s by Yoshikazu Kawaguchi, the current leading practitioner.
Kawaguchi simplified the method and adapted it from the idea of ‘do-nothing farming’ closer to the usual farming consciousness, which is still based on Fukuoka’s four main principles with much easier way to access the wisdom.

Quote van Fukuoka-It says that when Fukuoka entered in a forest, he was stunned by the abundance of the nature, where every things live in symbiosis, and by the realization that we harm the nature actually by doing more to it.-

Nature Farming represents actually the only truly sustainable form of agriculture known to humankind.
It is more of a ‘way of seeing nature’, rather than a ‘method of farming’ as we typically think.
This ‘way of seeing nature’ which Nature Farming suggests, is also a way to help people live more happily, peacefully, and sustainable, no matter what we choose to do for a living.

In this occasion, Terra will gently unfold the mindset and the way of Nature Farming, in a joyful and intriguing lecture!!
Wouldn’t you like to grab this great opportunity to get in touch with Nature Farming??

Terra also offers the practical learning of Nature Farming in The Hague monthly, for those who wants to experience and learn deeper!!!